I was in Norway a year or so ago, and someone took a picture of me on stage of me in front of my introduction slide, and it made me think: What if I replaced my image with the photo from the previous night. How long could I keep the chain going?


I posted the picture on twitter and noted that the inception quality of the photograph.

If you haven't seen the film Inception, there is a concept of a world being within another world. I really have a facination of this effect from when I was a child and I pointed a camcorder at a TV which was projecting the feed from the camera. You get a delay and repetion of the image.

A screenshot of a webcam pointing at a monitor that has the feed from the webcam

Anyway, there was a comment on the tweet from Matthew Gilliard that started the concept of repeating it.

Matthew Gilliard comment on twitter, say that I should use the photo again the following night

So the next night in Sweden I tried, but I forgot to ask anyone to take a picture of it.

The following night in London I remembered and got the next chain in my slide inception.


I spoke in a few other places, but again I would either forget to change the picture (so break the chain) or not be able to get hold of a picture that someone took.

The next element of my chain was in Berlin at Dockers 5th Birthday:


Again I spoke at some events, but for one reason or another, the chain didn't move forward. I have now got into the swing of things and below I have listed my current chain which is now over 28 pictures deep.

I will keep this post updated with all the images and see how far I can keep this going without breaking the chain. As an aside I once did a similar thing during a webcast which we filmed infront of a greenscreen. We asked viewers to send pics of where they were. Then @liliankasem sent us a picture of her living room. So we then did the rest of the webcast from her living room. Then she took a pic of that which created a very strage inception style photo.

A webcast inception

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