Just got back from dConstruct

I just got back form dConstruct yesterday, It was a whirlwind. I managed to speak to loads of people about development and design at both the event and at the pre party at lola los the night before. After looking through my phone I managed to find a few pictures I'd taken throughout the day... None are very good but it does bring back the memories.

The Main hall was really busy Mark Quirk talking about HTML5  The hotel we stayed at... Great toast. Manning our stand during a session

A Cake given to me because I made a paper rose for the guys on the LBi standPeople visiting our stand Alex showing off HTML5 Spooner and a Windows Phone7

For me my favourite chats were the ones about HTML5. It felt like everyone was either an expert on it, learning it or was planning on learning it. There were plenty of HTML5 books picked up from the book stand at the corner of the event and lots of people were taking our cards that pointed them at our Platform Preview of Internet Explorer 9 which has first class support for HTML5.

All in all it was a great day and a great pre-party, I couldn't make the after party sadly because I had a wife at home that needed some skirting boards glossed and some walls emulsioned (sadly they are not innuendos). Anyway... Can't wait to get back to Brighton soon and looking forward to dConstruct 2011.


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