Linuxing in London

On May, the 18th we ran a special evening of Microsoft and Open source software at Linuxing in London.

  There was a free bar and free food that we picked the tab up for. I say we, I mean the Azure team. Thanks, Chiggy. There were developers and enthusiasts from all spectrums of the Linux community in attendance.

First, I showed Visual Studio Code on Linux and some tips and tricks that make it a great companion for code editing on Linux desktops.

Next Justin showed Azure Batch Shipyard and how you can use it to provision and execute batch processing and High Performance Computing workloads on Azure Batch compute pools.

Lastly Paul Showed the crowed everything he knows about the current state of building your own DIY voice assistant.

Three Microsoft Technologist walked into a Linux user group. There’s no punch line actually. It went better than you would expect. It certainly went better than that joke.

I guess technologists like technology, regardless of where it came from.

You can watch the Talks here:

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