Month Note April

This month has been busy and reader I am happy to tell you I am going on holiday tomorrow.

Last week I was at Shrewsbury Museum working on a project to build an intelligent Museum exhibit. By intelligent, I mean that it collects information about your age and plays a different Audio description depending on your demographic.

For the 12-17 age group, we play a faster paced more informal audio file, For the older group 54-65 we play a more factual and serious piece of audio.

The fantastic Emma Clarke voiced the audio for us, and she did a wonderful job of the brief. Somehow, she was able to capture the tone just right, and you can hear the difference between the two recordings. Here is a sample of the audio for the older and younger audiences.

Joe, one of the other developers on the project, gave me a jar of honey from his bees, for my effort. I bloody love honey.

The week before I was involved in a Hackfest at Microsoft Reading. I was responsible for leading the Hack with 3 of the 17 customers. All the customers built a bot of some description. We had one that can tell you what medical conditions you might have from a description of your symptoms. One that can help navigate a SharePoint site with natural language and one that could build other bots from JSON description.

I Also worked on a project to use the Azure Custom Seach Service to transcribe recordings made by Lawyers.

The 4th of April saw the first episode of a new show I produce called Introducing AI. You can find it on the Channel 9 website.

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