Month Note August

A few months ago I worked on a project at Shrewsbury museum where we attempted to instrument museum exhibits with raspberry Pi’s, well we took the same team and went back to further the project. This time we headed to Preston museum in the north west.

Personally I added a a voice synth and attempted to stabilise the platform.

It was partly successful although we struggled with internet speed and connectivity at the actual museum.

One of the other developers also added the bot framework to the project and microphone support so that people looking at the exhibit could ask questions. It seemed to work although the latency was a little bit of a problem. In honesty latency always seems to be a problem with voice systems like this that use the cloud. Whilst it works in our controlled environment I suspect that in an actual museum the experience would be far too frustrating for the average user that doesn’t understand that they have to pause at the correct points to let the system catch up.

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