Month Note July

As I write this I have been back from holiday for three days and as I look out of the window at Microsoft London's offices, over the road at the Virgin (the business) Offices I'm contemplating all that’s changed in the past few days. As I understand it there have been some redundancies (these do not directly impact me personally) due to a reorganisation in the business.

As part of this I have been moved into a new team called Commercial Software Engineering. This is the new name for my old department DX (Developer Experience) however, the job looks very different from what I have been doing previously. I will also no longer report to the UK but instead report to the global team. Past that, I’m not too clear on what I will be doing.

What is clear, is that I will no longer have the same evangelism focus and so it's unlikely that you will see me at as many events. I’m no longer the best person to ask about events or community sponsorship and I would imagine that the new role will see me doing less online video stuff (although I will keep this up in my spare time). There is a team inside cloud and enterprise that will have this role, and you will see many new Cloud Advocates that will become the face of developer relations at Microsoft UK.

I’ve moved from a team of 80 to a team of 24 (the remaining people, largely, have moved to other teams at Microsoft UK). The new team focus is software development with partners and customers, all member of the team will be expected to code and be working on projects around 70% of the time. In some ways, I’m looking forward to it, in others I’m apprehensive about getting back into the developer chair full time.

I’ve loved my time at Microsoft over the past 8 years, I’ve enjoyed being a Microsoft UK face on the UK development circuit and I’m looking forward to continuing with Microsoft albeit with a slightly less public role. I’ll let you know how I get on in my first month in my next Month note, wish me luck. And if you have ever attended a talk I gave, retweeted a tweet, read something I've written... Thanks for the all the fish.

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