I’m happy to speak at pretty much any developer event in Europe, the Middle East or Africa. Here are a few topics that I’m talking about at the moment,
    but if you have a specific topic feel free to ask me. I can present on most Cloud, Web, JavaScript or C# topics. Contact me at mbeeby at amazon.com

    Martin spoke at the Hyperledger London Meetup and he was fantastic! Very experienced speaker with great ideas on how to make his talks entertaining and interactive!

    Marta Piekarska

    Director of Ecosystem, Hyperledger, Linux Foundation

    Developing with .NET Core on AWS

    In this demonstration-heavy session, we illustrate our latest techniques, tools, and libraries for developing end-to-end applications with .NET Core. We focus on serverless applications, but the techniques are broadly relevant. We start by showing you some useful features and best practices for authoring your serverless application, including debugging locally from the IDE and in production. From there, we demonstrate some helpful tools that make it easy to set up your CI/CD workflow from the start. Finally, we deploy our application with AWS Lambda.

    Automating AWS Infrastructure with PowerShell

    In this session we will present a deep dive into techniques and services to create and manage AWS cloud infrastructure. We will demonstrate using just the AWS Tools for PowerShell as well as cover approaches using PowerShell in conjunction with other AWS services and technologies such as Systems Manager, CloudFormation and Serverless approaches. Once created, we will also discuss and demonstrate options and best practices for monitoring your infrastructure.

    Operationalizing Microsoft Workloads

    In this session, we discuss best practices and approaches for managing your Microsoft Windows-based infrastructure on AWS. We describe the AWS services that can help you manage Windows servers at scale and realize the maximum benefit of the cloud. In addition, we show you how to build simple and effective solutions to manage logging, configuration drift, inventory, licensing, and more. Please join us for a speaker meet-and-greet following this session at the Speaker Lounge (ARIA East, Level 1, Willow Lounge). The meet-and-greet starts 15 minutes after the session and runs for half an hour.

    Amplify Console with a headless CMS

    In this talk we will look at Amplify Console and look at how to use a Static Generator such as Hugo or Gatsby to connect to existing CMS systems such as Wordpress or Umbraco.
    (Can be delivered as a Workshop)

    The Secret of Container Island

    Guy Beebs Threepwood arrives on Cloudy Island wanting to be a pirate. After speaking to three old pirate captains, he discovers the only opening is as a Webmaster for Groganddash web store. The pirates set him three trials. During the perilous pirate trials Guy, Modernizes a Legacy ASP.NET 3.5 website and containerises the application, scales the site using AWS and reduces the cost and complication of running the business for the pirates. Things, however, are not simple, the audience through via a real-time voting app will decide how Guy completes the trails in an adventure that would chill the bones of even the most bloodthirsty buccaneer.

    Containerise Legacy .NET Framework Web Apps for Cloud Migration

    In this session, we cover how to leverage Docker for Windows and the Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS) as an effective solution for migrating legacy .NET applications to the cloud. We use Microsoft Visual Studio to demonstrate how to containerize a legacy .NET app including the Docker build and deployment process. We also cover how to deploy the container to Amazon ECS using the Amazon EC2 Container Registry (Amazon ECR) service to host the Docker image.

    Building a real-time app in .net core

    In this talk we will build a Realtime app using SignalR and ASP.NET Core. We will use docker to build and deploy the final container and discuss the numerous options for deploying containerised applications on AWS.
    (Can be delivered as a Workshop)

    A Developer Primer on Blockchain

    Come find out how you can build a peer-to-peer distributed ledger forged by consensus. Understand through code how to create “smart contracts” and "chain code" and develop a different type of transactional application that establishes trust, accountability and transparency, while streamlining business processes and legal constraints.

    My Bio

    First Person:

    I am a Developer Evangelist at AWS with a specialism in .net. While I work across all of our technologies, my particular passion is Cloud. I regularly speak and blog about all aspects of Cloud development and implementation. I have been a developer since I was 16 and over the past 19 years have worked on projects with many Major brands. Prior to joining Oracle I worked at Microsoft as a developer and evangelist for 8 years. I’ve written articles for and featured in, NET Magazine, ZDNet, NOUPE, SitePoint, TutsPlus and Channel 9.

    Third Person Bio:

    As a principle evangelist for Amazon Web Services, Martin travels the world showcasing the transformational capabilities of AWS. In his time as an evangelist, Martin has spoken at over 200 events and meetups as well as producing, blogs, tutorials and broadcasts.

    Martin has been developing applications since he was 16 and over the past 20 years has worked on projects with many major companies and brands.

    His primary focus is on .NET applications and has worked as a C# and VB developer since 2001.

    Prior to joining AWS, Martin worked for Oracle and Microsoft as a developer evangelist and software development engineer.

    Short Bio:

    Martin works for AWS. He’s been a developer since the late 90s and loves figuring out problems and experimenting with code.


    Great talk this evening by @thebeebs on the .NET Compiler Platform (aka. Roslyn) at @dotnetsouthwest

    Joseph Woodward 

    November's meet up brought us @thebeebs and The Web on day 10,000. Nicest man alive and a great talk.

    Frontend NE 

    Great talk from @thebeebs at #LinuxingInLondon

    Brian Linuxing 

    Big thanks to @thebeebs and @MartinKearn for coming along to talk at @ADNUGUK tonight. They shared some great information!

    Gary Ewan Park 

    Great talk last night by @thebeebs Reasons to be creative 2016 - the web on day 10,000

    Brian Teeman

    He's bloody good.

    Adam Bolton, International Developers in London